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Getting your volunteer VISA for SA

Volunteers coming to South Africa require a volunteer visa for the time they will be spending in SA. If you are coming to volunteer for less than three months you can use the standard entry stamp/visa.

Most countries will have a South African Embassy or Consulate in the country and you can apply in person or by post depending on your country.

What you will need:

A invitation letter from the volunteer organisation you will be spending your time with. This letter also needs to state that you have been accepted by the organisation.
A letter fully describing the project and the benefits to South Africa.
Proof of you income and ability to sustain yourself in South Africa
A sponsorship letter from the organisation or family you will be staying with.
Your passport that needs to be valid for six months after the date of your departure.
Two passport sized colour photographs.
A medical examination stating that you are in good health and do not have TB, you will often need a chest X-Ray.
Full travel insurance for the time of your stay in South Africa.

If you are applying from within South Africa:

You can apply to the Department of Home Affairs to change your entry visa to a volunteer visa. This process often takes more than a month. The easiest places to get this done are George in the Western Cape or Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.
You will need all the above information and will often also need a return ticket that can be changed to the date of the end of your volunteering stay.

Travel Insurance

The volunteering organisation you will be with will require proof that you have full travel insurance for the full time you will be in South Africa. Please check with your insurance company that this covers volunteers as they are often exposed to more risk than ordinary travelers. You can get travel insurance through most travel agents or your standard insurance company which can work out to be less expensive.

For more information you can go to the Department of Home Affairs website below.
Department of Home Affairs for South Africa

If you have any other questions please contact the volunteering organisation you will be with and if they cannot help then you can contact us at

Full support in your application process and help when you are in SA. offers volunteers a support program for the application of their VISA and while volunteering in South Africa. The fee is $100.00 paid to VISA for admin and projects that our organisation supports. We will help you with your application for your Volunteer VISA and we offer support while you are in South Africa. You will also receive our Volunteers recommendation list for South Africa.

The List

What to bring and not to bring to South Africa
Local prices in South Africa
Where and how to travel
Where to stay and how to book your accommodation during your breaks
Activities around Southern Africa

We also offer volunteers help if their project does not work out or is not suitable. We encourage volunteers to book through as most of the organisations are members and are trusted to give you what you expect in your volunteering experience.

For more information you can email us at