Volunteering Prices

(all prices are given in GBP.
For current exchange rates visit www.oanda.com)

2 weeks - £700
3 weeks - £850
1 month - £1000
2 months -£1800
3 months -£2600
additional months - £800

Group discounts are available - please ask us about details.

Please note that each fee includes a one-off donation of GBP 200 to our partner charity Dollars for Change. Should you wish to increase your donation by raising additional funds for Dollars for Change, please see the link www.dollarsforchange.org.

What You Get

>> All food, accommodation and local transport whilst on assignment
>> 24hr on-site support from the WWISA team
>> A tour of Monkeyland and Birds of Eden
>> Towels and bedding provided but feel free to bring your own
>> Use of washing machine
>> Free internet access (with Skype facility)
>> WWISA T-shirt
>> Photo disc of your time on assignment
>> 1 x International phone card
>> Certificate of achievement on completion
>> Letter of Reference on completion
>> One of the following optional activities included in the price
- Worlds Highest Bungee
- Zip wire at bungee site
- 2 hour Marine Safari
(great in Whale season)
- Elephant Park tour
- Keurbooms ferry ride
-One of the activities at
Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures
- Tree top canopy tour
of Tsitsikamma forest

Willing Workers in South Africa

Experience community volunteering with local people, scenic nature, wildlife, adventure activities, walks, hikes and a whole lot more in a safe environment.

As one of South Africa’s pioneer volunteering organizations, WWISA is well established and partnered with public and private NGO/NPO initiatives as a well recognized regional entity. Our familiar presence and activities, coupled with the sustained contribution by volunteers, is held in high regard within our local Kurland township, thus making involvement with community members a more enriching, beneficial and safe experience.

We are on hand 24/7 for support, assistance and direction, and take everyone’s needs into account on an individual basis. The personal touch that we provide is substantially enhanced by the simple fact that we work and reside in the same places as all our volunteers.


Short Term Projects

Housing Initiatives
There are over 400 families waiting to be allocated government housing within Kurland and this number continues to grow with the growth in population. There are currently plans to provide just 250 houses.

Kids Camps
Throughout the community there are groups of children that don’t get the opportunity to go on camps due to the financial situation of their family. By participating in this program you will enable these children to go on a day camp, or if numbers allow an overnight camp.

Environmental Programs
Centered around creating a better environment both in and around Kurland, this program involves diverse activities that vary dependant on the time of the year and the need at the time you volunteer. At WWISA we are involved with several organizations that tackle this area including SANPARKS (South African National Parks,) DWAF (Department of Water Affairs and Forestry,) and Nature Valley Trust, as well as several private organizations.


Long Term Projects

Crags Primary
Housed in a building originally meant for approximately 300 – 400 children, the school currently educates around 650 pupils ranging from age 1 – 17 (South African school system requires pupils to pass end of year to progress). Class sizes reach up to 50+, is under staffed to the point that it is reliant on several NGO’s to help find funding the payment of several teachers.

Educare Centre - "The Creche"
Being the only daycare centre in Kurland, this facility is grossly understaffed for its capacity of 100 children, usually caring for around 60 children per day, split into 2 classes, speaking 3 languages - Xhosa, Afrikaans and English, which is understood and spoken by most in at least a basic form.

After School Activities
Due to the majority of teachers commuting to school on a daily basis, as well as the shortage of staff, there is a real need for regular after school, school holiday activities and educational programs. By creating social and educational stimulation through any number of activities we hope to generate a strong sense of pride and positive relationship building with Kurland’s youth.

Micro Organic Farming
This is an ongoing outdoor program(mainly spring to autumn) covering many aspects including invasive alien vegetation removal, assisting villagers with their home gardening processes, including both lawns and flower gardens plus vegetables for home consumption.

These programs are by individual arrangement and focus on furthering basic English and literacy amongst the unemployed (and sometimes employed) population within Kurland. Held in the Community Centre, with limited groups of size that you are comfortable with, mainly adults that will be sourced upon your application. By helping with their 2nd language, you will improve their employment opportunities as well as aiding with their day to day communication.


Other Projects

Due to our community focus we do not currently have any wildlife programs. If you do not find a project on this page that suits you please feel free to contact us as we may well be able to tailor make a program for you.

Healthcare Assistance
This program is specifically for those people who have an interest in healthcare-related careers. Largely observational, you will assist current healthcare workers / doctors in the area on their home-based visits.

Student Practical and Field Assignments / Research Projects
Over the years, WWISA has hosted numerous groups and individuals at both the under- and post-graduate levels seeking to fulfill elements of their academic requirements with hands-on research and application in the field. Should you fall into this category and are keen on advancing your field of study within unique surroundings, please drop a line to us to explore the options and a workable plan.

For more detailed information about all our projects please consult our website.



Our Rocky Road HQ provides a comfortable and secure home-away-from-home base in which our volunteers can relax and enjoy the uncomplicated atmosphere of country living.

Set amongst mountains, indigenous forest and being only 10 minutes from the nearest beach, Nature’s Valley – known locally as the Jewel of the Garden Route - you will be ideally situated to enjoy the varied wildlife that regularly visits, at the same time being able to enjoy a safe and comfortable environment with all the facilities you would expect in your everyday life.

As well as the volunteer 3-bedroom communal house, the more adventurous also have the option of luxury tented accommodation. All bathrooms, kitchen, office, telephones, internet and TV facilities are open to use by all Rocky Road residents.

In addition to the above-listed facilities are also a forest shower and a forest bathroom, different entertainment areas, a combination hot tub/plunge pool, a fire pit, an organic vegetable garden and small chicken enclosure as well as plenty of secluded spots in the garden to relax in.

Expect outdoor fires in the evenings around which to fully enjoy good company and starry nights.



Phone: +27 (0)44 534 8958

Mobile: +27 (0)72 270 2114

Mail: info@wwisa.co.za

Web: www.wwisa.co.za