Volunteering Prices

Short Term Volunteering
(excludes food and transport)

Up to a month - R1,500 (ZAR) per 10 day cycle - Projects: Crafts, Building or Veg Garden

Whole Month - R6,000 including breakfast and coffee - excluding other meals and transport

Whole Month - R10,000 including all meals and shuttles

Long Term Volunteering

1 month to 2 months - R6,000 per month excluding meals ~ including add R4,000

3 months to 9 months - R4,800 per month excluding meals ~ including add R4,000

10 months to 2 years - R6,800 per month including all meals and transport.

For more infos please contact us: volunteer@mpame.co.za

Free Volunteering

We also take volunteers without the usual fees if:

> you bring skills that the village needs, like teachers, nurses etc.
> you cover your own living costs
> you stay less than a week and would just like to lend a helping hand
> you are a visionary with your own ideas and know how you want to help and how to go about it

Please contact us if you want to volunteer for free: volunteer@mpame.co.za


To find us, please follow the directions provided on our website.

Welcome to Mpame Village Projects!

We are based at the beautiful Wild Coast, between East London and Durban, about 25km south of Coffee Bay. We offer you the unique experience to come and volunteer in a little Xhosa village named Manzamymama (meaning "black water").


Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is to raise the overall living standars in the village Manzamnyama and to educate the people to a self-sustainable way of living. We are currently busy setting up the volunteer and backpackers lodge on the hilltop, a beautiful spot about 10min walk outside the village, overlooking the sea. Once the lodge is set up and functioning, it will provide employment and income for the people of the village. The whole project (including the lodge) is owned by the village and all income thereof will be used to finance other community projects in the village, like setting up water tanks for fresh drinking water, building an early learning centre, a school, starting a sewing project etc.


Work for Volunteers

It's basically up to you what you would like to do in the village. You can help building the lodge, or you can establish the organical gardens, or help building the early learning centre, or organize some classes to teach the kids any kind of skills you have ... whatever you wish. We are open to new ideas and we like independent, visionary people. Tell us what you would most like to do - work with kids, with animals, with plants - and we will set up a scheme for you, depending also on how long you stay. The longer you stay, the more you can achieve!

The money you pay for your volunteering will not only cover your living costs, but also help to finance the projects. Once the expenses are subtracted, you can decide where to invest the rest of your money, whether it should buy building materials, pay salaries, or go towards the school project or the organical garden etc. No commissions are taken off your money - every cent of it benefits the project!!!


Accommodation and Surroundings

As the volunteer lodge is still under construction, you will be hosted by a local family. You get a spare hut that you might share with other volunteers. Beds and bedding are provided. You can eat with the family if you wish - arrangements will be made by request.

The area offers a stunning beauty: indigenous plants, great cliffs, lonely beaches, rolling hills ... You can go for a walk, ride a mountain bike or a horse, go fishing or collecting mussles with the local kids, have a swim in the sea ...



Phone: +27 (0)71 485 6449

Mail: info@mpame.co.za

Web: www.mpame.co.za