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Travel Insurance for Southern Africa
Know what you will need for volunteer travel insurance

Travel insurance is often mandatory to volunteer in South Africa. Volunteering organisations will request proof of full travel insurance for the country you are in. This protects you and the organisation you will be working in. You will need to make sure you have cover for volunteering as this is often not included in your standard insurance. You will be working in townships and rural areas that are mostly considered less safe than standard travel. The risk to you is often higher but don't let this scare you as out experience is that townships and rural areas are friendly and safe if you are a volunteer.
If you are working in a wildlife project you will also need to ask your insurer how you can get cover for accidents with wild animals. If you are volunteering as a ranger in the big game parks you will also need to consider the risk that poachers present.

How and where to get insurance

Most travel agents will offer you insurance with your flight, please check with them if this will cover volunteering as it is normally a standard travel insurance package. You will often find that your own insurance company will be less expensive for the extras for volunteering so give them a call.
Some credit card companies also offer free insurance if you book your flight with your credit card, this is normally also very standard insurance and should be checked.

You also need to take into account insurance that will cover unexpected changes in the volunteering organisation you are with. If it closes or your project falls through you might not get your money back and insurance is recommended for this if it is not a well know and trusted project.

The easiest way is often just to check with the volunteering organisation and see what they require.

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